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What is retrospring?

A Q/A based social network

Most of the people already know how these sorts of networks already work. You have a profile and other users (or even anonymous people without accounts) can ask you any question to find out more about you, so can you do the same with others. Finding friends with the same interests, people that share your opinion (and people that probably don't), you can find everything here!

But what makes retrospring special?

retrospring tries to take aspects from other popular or now gone platforms and combine them to get the best result possible. Also, we take in the ideas and feedback of our community so we can build a service that's even closer to being exactly the service people want to use!

Awesome Features


With retrospring you can ask and answer questions from other users as well as receive anonymous questions. Want to know something? Keep the conversation alive with interactive comments."


Following users allows you to get a personalized feed of all people you want to know more about. You can also send a question to all your followers at once!


Want to share your answer to a question so that more people read it? With a simple click on the answer button, your answer is shared wherever you want!


Want to keep an oversight of things? Organise users in Lists to create timelines of their answers.


Express yourself with images and upload an avatar and a header of your liking. And soon you'll be able to attach images to answers and questions as well!


Don't like the default purple or don't like light interfaces in general? On retrospring you can change every color aspect of the site with Themes!

Open Source

You heard it right! retrospring and all of it's core components are open source! Everyone can help and improve the service!

No Ads

We don't like them ourselves, really. retrospring just runs with community funding over Patreon which is way better than displaying annoying stuff.

Your Data is yours

Today the most precious things on the internet is your data. retrospring doesn't sell any data that is collected. It remains encrypted on our servers!

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