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M. · 5 answers · 10d

Saran tontonan dong, kawan. Terserah mau film, series, drakor atau anime. Aku bingung mau nonton apa :]

☆ · 15d

Jealous of the people who are close to you, who know you, who get to listen to your rants. I deeply want to know you better and get a closer look at how magnificent of a person you are.

Hey, thank you for seeing me in such radiant light. I doubt there's any reason to get jealous, though, as I believe everyone who's in my space has an equal chance to be a close friend of mine! ‎‎(I'm pretty bad at socializing so feel free to reach out first) ·ᴗ·

☆ · 22d

Tinggal terima cintaku apa susahnya ARGHH kupukul pake hanger juga ni

Izzy · 5 answers · 22d

I could really use any words of affirmation right now.. if you don’t mind, would you pass me some?

If your heart aches over confined words you deem better left unsaid, I believe it'd be best to empty it all out than enduring the anguish of silence. You have to be perfectly wise, still.

☆ · 23d

I would write hundreds of letters for you

Thank you. I appreciate your kind gesture, but writing hundreds sounds like a lot of work to take, no?

naomi. · 17 answers · 2mo

thoughts about nyomi? please feed my ego. 🥺♥️

YOU'RE THE CHATTY cute supportive little baby who has boundless energy. You're attractively funny and WHY HASN'T SOMEONE WIFE YOU UP YET?!?! They're wasting their time fr 🤯

☆ · 1mo

Udah punya pacar belum??

Kathya Ruth · 2mo

What do you think about me? Please be honest! :3

You have the knack of making someone feel genuinely loved! (happened to me seconds ago) <3

Seraphine Emerald. · 12 answers · 2mo

hai temen-temen, saran film dong? genrenya bebas dan boleh dari negara mana aja.

terima kasih!

Kalau kamu belum pernah nonton Forrest Gump, coba tonton deh! Prepare your tissues sih tapi.. 🥺

𝑆𝑢𝑟𝑖 𝑀𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑙𝑑𝑎 𝐶. · 13 answers · 2mo

What kind of song best captures who you are, if you are a song?

· 10 answers · 2mo

How’s @fayitale through your lens?

☆ · 3mo

You're right. I wasn't actually planning to be all candid about it, but yes, my days have become a bit tolerable because the presence of specific someone. You're not being nosy at all. It's actually fine by me, really. I'm sorry if any of the words I put in this words somehow inflicted damage to your feeling. I'm beyond grateful for the fact that you're seeing me in such light.

Lotta. · 7 answers · 4mo

what song you play by yourself but never with other people?

BEN's 180 Degree cause I bet they'll go like "Who the hell hurt you?" BUT NO, MY FRIEND, I SIMPLY LIKE DEPRESSING SONG. 😭

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