Probs leaning around the corner, listening to Migos.

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Unnamed Patron asked about 12 hours ago

Kenapa susah? Did someone give you trauma? Let me know once you are fully healed. I want to know you more.

It’s difficult to explain & I’d rather not answer the details, but tell me, which part that makes you want to know me more?

Shel asked 1 day ago


Unnamed Patron asked 2 days ago

Hope the wounds heal ya.

Unnamed Patron asked 4 days ago

Ah okaay, thank you very much for the answer! I will come back next time...

You’re welcome, but please don’t bother. I can’t promise you (nor anyone) anything.

Unnamed Patron asked 4 days ago

You broke up?

Unnamed Patron asked 5 days ago

Hi, Alrik. Sorry I suddenly appeared and asked you about this but I can no longer hold back my curiosity. Have you set your eyes on anyone lately?

Hello there. I’m not planning to set my eyes on anyone new for now.

Unnamed Patron asked 5 days ago

Dah jomblo ya kk

Shel asked 8 days ago · 9 answers

Shoot your theme song for this weekend!

Shel asked 9 days ago

Ayik jangan lupa istirahat

asked 10 days ago

favorite subjects from your major (haha! 😋)

(garuk-garuk kepala) Survei Topografi and Hukum Laut... I don't really like the basics in general (Math and Law) but I did surprisingly well in those classes.

asked 10 days ago

bagaimana kabar adik alrik hari ini

Hari ini banyak malesnya, tapi udah ngerjain [SENSOR] dari tadi pagi.

Unnamed Patron asked 10 days ago

Alrik kerjain krispinya

Ya Allah… makasih udah diingetin ya, ini lagi ngadep laptop beneran…

Unnamed Patron asked 10 days ago

Adek km yang namanya Jo lucu

Max asked 21 days ago · 7 answers

Can you please give me short or long impressions about me :3

You’re the type of person that looks like would be difficult to be friends with, but we know deep inside you’d be the coolest addition to the friend list. So the desperation is there. I really like the way you’re sharing your good relationship with your coworkers and boss (is this TMI?), your fascination towards different medias, and you as your own person. You’re calm, but you’re always a delight to talk to. TLDR: you’re a really good friend of mine and I wish to keep you longer, if not forever. ✌️

Unnamed Patron asked 23 days ago

Alrik, kalau baca buku biasanya lewat aplikasi apa?

Halo, gue biasanya baca buku fisik karena mata gue gampang capek liat layar. Cuma kalo pingin baca di hape, biasanya pake Play Books (karena dulu gue pake Android) atau pake aplikasi Books bawaan dari Apple.

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