Alrik asked 6 months ago

What would you do to prevent feeling too hollow?


What would you do to prevent feeling too hollow?

I actually don't really know how to prevent it. For me, feeling hollow is natural and it happens to everyone. As for how to overcome it, I do think that distracting ourselves by mayhaps surround ourselves with people who care with us is actually really help. I don't think took out ourselves from society helps in mending the hollow feelings, if we are alone we tend to overthink and it makes we are feeling saddened with why are we even feeling this hollow in the first place.

Write down what we are feelings also helps a lot in my case, and if you want to cry just cry if you want to shout do shout. I hope that it helps!

Long walks, in silence or with Music, or just going outside sitting on some bench or something

Nonton sih biasanya atau gak ngobrol sama orang aja gitu jbjb di tl

Bro, for me it's always reading book or watching movie. If you have something that you love, or simply you enjoy doing it you can try! And anyway, this too shall pass and I know you can do it. Good luck brother, my DM always open for you to knock if you need company.

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