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What kind of music have you listened to lately?


What kind of music have you listened to lately?

Lately, I search "study", or "chill" on Spotify and choose a random playlist to help me focus while I'm studying.

Right now, melodic techno/trance, but I often listen to alternative rock and hip-hop too.

I’m all over the place. Latin Urban. Latin pop, Latin Country. Mexican Regional, Mexican regional mashed up with Latin urban… dance, r & b. I have a big appetite for different types of music. Lately, this is my favorite song - https://youtu.be/_OX3uUhgusM

Some dead lame Eurovision Song Contest pieces. So I switched to some old fashioned Drum&Bass.

mostly a band called Hot Mulligan because they just came out with new music. But also a lot of older stuff.. taking back sunday, escape the fate, falling in reverse, and marina and the diamonds songs.

A lot of Shpongle, some Goa-psy trance, random songs I come across

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