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"Homophobic people may use mean language and name-calling when they talk about lesbian and gay people. Biphobic people may tell bisexual people that it’s “just for attention,” or that they’re inherently cheaters. In its most extreme forms, homophobia and biphobia can cause people to bully, abuse, and inflict violence on lesbian, gay, and bisexual people."


Have you experienced behaviour similar to this?

Yeah, it's entrenched in the dominant culture. But I've done okay considering how very bad I used to feel about being queer.

I'm a cis-het boy so it's never been directed at me personally, but it's awful when it's directed at people you love and care about and you want to grab people by the collar and shake them

I've not personally experienced it but I have seen it happen to friends/family

Yes although I have friends who have experienced worse. But I’ve had some bad comments said to me too.

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