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"On average, women around the world do three times as much unpaid work at home as men, including household work and caring for children and family members, and many of these women also work full-time or part-time careers."


In your experience, is this accurate? Our parents or partner, siblings or extended family.

For sure. Take my mom for example. Or even me. Not to complain or anything but I’m always doing the dishes. On days where I’m swamped with work or extremely exhausted, some dishes will accumulate for the morning. If I don’t get to it, my husband will wash it and then seek compliments/acknowledgement. And for some reason he thinks it makes us even? Like I do dishes for months on end, but when he does it one day, we start a new slate where the score is 1-0, advantage to him. Same with laundry and tidying up the house. Annoys the shit out of me. And I honestly think he believes we do the same amount of work around the house 🤯

Yes, I'd say it's accurate. I read something a few years ago that said something like: if you really want to make your wife's day, don't buy her a bunch of flowers, do a load of laundry. So true.

And when such a woman had her life full with work and work and unpaid duties they got the nerve to call her work unsubstantial so that she gets no pension.

it’s what highly contributed to my sisters divorce. unfortunately many people have been conditioned to think we need to follow traditional roles yet they don’t acknowledge that women work now too and can’t have everything on their plate for the household and children. it’s definitely not always the case but I’ve seen it enough times to know it happens. I’ve also seen that despite all my aunts and uncles who work pretty equally it is 3 aunts who have taken on care for one of their brothers and their father.

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