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Should we have schools teaching kids about sex? I don't have kids but I think I'd want to teach them about that. Of course now we want to teach kids when they're 3 yrs old. Parents today are like: "look I don't have time to teach my kids about sex, I have to go and bash in the skull of a MAGA person ok"๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜

I don't know the perfect answer for this. Kids should learn about sex. In theory, parents/guardians getting to decide about their kids' sex education to some degree sounds good but some may choose to not teach about sex at all, some may not be informed enough to teach everything that should be taught and some may teach bad messages about sex because of religion or whatever. In theory, schools teaching about sex sounds like a good thing but schools are government indoctrination centers and you have to worry about them subjecting kids to propaganda. Sex education shouldn't be sex propaganda. There's points to be made about both sides teaching sex education but I worry about both sides handling it wrong. It might be good to let kids direct their own sex education to some degree.