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[Hot take on why men don't like promiscuous women] "As a women if you get pregnant, you know for a fact that child is yours. But if that women slept with other men, you cannot guarantee paternity. I know in the past 40 years it's possible through DNA tests but that doesn't undo hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and biology." Thoughts? Counterarguments?

It makes sense for that to be a reason, especially before paternity tests existed. The bottom line is that men and women are different and sex is different for men and women. No amount of roastie and white knight crying will change that. Sex is an achievement for men so a higher body count is something for men to brag about. They're also hardwired to spread their seed. Women choose to have sex so having sex isn't an achievement for women. Women are also more hardwired for pair-bonding. Women having high body counts is a turn off because it means they're used goods and have questionable decision-making. Men want females in their prime not roasties/whores. It's also a red flag because either she doesn't want to keep a man or can't keep a man. Women with lower body counts have higher sexual market value. Men who want a serious relationship want a woman who takes relationships seriously not some cock carousel-riding slut/whore. Women will always be judged for their sexual decisions/past no matter how much they may hate it. It's just the way it is. Too bad for the butthurt roasties and white knights who can't handle that fact.