Pandy asked about 1 year ago · 12 answers

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being not at all, 10 being extremely), how Christmassy are you feeling at the moment?

I don't feel Christmas, Christmas feels me. It's just everything gay relabeled so that Christians will like it. I'm doing Christmas all year long. Christmas lights framing objects I like is just my permanent décor, giving people I know bomb ass thoughtful ass gifts is a thing I can't just TURN OFF when December is over. I was born this way.

  1. Maybe I’ll get in the mood once this semester from hell is over.

Zero. I mean the season is usually a focus of catastrophic events like e.g. aircraft accidents, earthquakes, war, floods, diseases ... but that would not bring my mood down in total, but this time I only want to cover myself between the arms of my girl and call it a shitload and quit.

0, Christmas isn't on my mind yet. I mean, it kind of is, I've been thinking of whether I'll get to see snow for practically the first time when we go to Michigan, and I've been thinking about buying Christmas presents soon, but the actual Christmas spirit isn't on my mind yet. Maybe it will be when the Christmas music starts and the Christmas lights go up.

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