Pandy asked 2 months ago

Would you rather be poor at a job you adore or be rich at a job you hate?


Would you rather be poor at a job you adore or be rich at a job you hate?

Poor at a job I adore definitely. I'm more fueled by fun and enjoyment of what I do rather than money (although compensation isn't bad either of course)

I was poor at a job I iked and it was an awful experience. I'd rather have money and hate my job. At least I can compensate for the shitty time at work with money ...

I'd prefer to be a small gear inside a wonderful watch than the big wheel in a rotten mill.

Doing jobs I hate and being poor. 👍👍

If it's a job I hate because of the immense suffering it causes others, as is the case when you have a lot of money, then the first thing.

rich, I will just 'medicate' when I'm at home until I can retire

2. I don’t know anyone who likes their job 100% every second of the day.

I don't know, if I don't work at a job I adore, there may be nothing fulfilling in my life at all. And being rich is overrated. And, in reality, working would be hard enough for me if I adored the job, it may be impossible if I hated it, depending on why I hated it. So maybe the former. On the other hand, being rich gets you the p*ssy. But on the other hand again, I'd be too shy to get the p*ssy even if I were rich.

Moderately wealthy in a job I neither love nor hate. I guess that'd be more efficient.

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