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Do you like subtitles in film/games/tv?


Do you like subtitles in film/games/tv?

No, I hate reading. And I also hate film, and all other forms of art except beer can airplanes

It's basically how I learned English. Especially if the accent is not American, I might really need the subtitles.

I use subtitles quite a lot. I tend to watch TV after midnight and I don’t want to disturb people.

On screen: Philipp Marlowe(Humphrey Bogart). Soundtrack(Off screen person asking): Are you drunk? Subtitle: Are you drunk? Marlowe(Soundtrack): One Martini. Subtitle: Only a single drink. Yes, I like subtitles.

I don't go out of my way to enable them (unless the audio is in a different language), but when they're there I tend to find myself reading along at the same time as listening, it makes it easier to process for some reason, but sometimes I think I shouldn't because it's a crutch.

I prefer subtitles over dubbing for foreign films. Unless it's anime.

I don't like or dislike them, they serve their purpose just fine...I do prefer them over dubs though, that shit is even more distracting than text on the screen

They're okay in games but I don't like them in movies and TV shows.

I usually use subtitles on games no matter what because theres often a bunch of loud noises over it/potential bugs cutting dialogue out

For films, I'd say half of what I watch tends to be foreign so I'm fine with subs on those

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