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Honesty Time! Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers? (If so, what did you like about them?)


Honesty Time! Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers? (If so, what did you like about them?)

No. Till the end of high school, all my teachers were middle-aged males. I had a good female teacher in kindergarten though.

In 12th grade, there was a hot, young teacher's assistant from college in my Italian class. I liked her. All the boys must have liked her.

Yes first year of college. He didn’t shower often, was always drinking coffee, never looked anyone in the eye … but my god were his lectures amazing. He was so smart.

My 6th grade science teacher was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Busty🤤🤤 She was very sweet too, very patient with the class. Never saw her get angry.

I think I told this previously. I had a massive crush on my history teacher. My history teacher was a woman who was attractive for me, strong and confident and intelligent and a rebel. For my taste she was also very pretty. I liked everything about her.

Absolutely not. That would have felt like incest/Electra complex. 🤢

Once, because she was fresh out of school and we were her very first class and she was young and cute and cool and then year three rolled around and she was completely over it and us

I remember thinking one professor was attractive but I don’t even remember his name. I wouldn’t say it was a crush just that I noticed his appearance was nice.

My teacher Mrs. Johnson was really hot and would flirt with her junior high students, wear a see-through dress, put troublemakers against the front wall of the class where they could see up her thigh of her leg lifted in her chair, etc.

I sort of had a crush on a college teacher, too, she had a pretty face and I loved the way she talked, her voice would rise and sink almost like a song, but she was kinda chubby.

Somewhat. Never actually had her as a teacher, but passed by her room quite often

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