BobOmbMonkey asked 3 months ago · 19 answers

Have you ever flown a plane? I've had one flying lesson so far and I would like to do more!

Owashii: I've flown them twice, but only briefly. Went up with the pilot and other passengers and we all got a chance at piloting for a little bit. Once was with my brother and mother, and the second time was at a summer camp field trip thingy a few years later.

i flew in a plane, but never flown one myself. at least in reality. i used to play flight simulators in the past tho

In the Google Earth flight simulator many years ago, and in GTA San Andreas since I've played it again a few weeks ago. My grandpa flew me on a Cessna once because in France it's common to get baptêmes de l'air, aka first flight, with certificates and all to sound cool. And I got a short helicopter ride too, at a fair organized by an army base. But no piloting myself!

I had an interest for a minute, took some ground lessons and then quit when it wasn't making mommy love me or whatever

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