BobOmbMonkey asked 3 months ago · 13 answers

Is there drama everywhere, or am I just noticing it more than usual? It seems that every online community I join gets into some kind of pointless drama that I don't care about half the time.

Honestly, all I do is watch funny reels and videos of cute animals. I try to be as drama-free as possible. I loathe drama.

Age of information constantly pushes information on your consciousness.

Practice media safety online.

nah i feel like it is the same as usual. maybe u accidently got closer to it.

most annoyed i was at internet drama was the big big twitter wave of users coming to fedi last year.

tbh recently it calmed down in my experience.

if u mean corporate drama i agree. twitter, reddit, unity, LTT, all got so much outrage it was hard to stay away. but tbh i dont really care about those

there's always drama everywhere, it's just that it seems to have gotten worse in a lot of places lately

I feel like drama is inescapable, unless you're some kind of sociopath, you have beliefs or people or whatever that you are passionate about and those things will inevitably draw you into conflict with others who couldn't care less about those things - the variable is how you respond (or don't)

Possible. People hardly focus on profitable subjects. And blaming others for everything is the easy way to justify whatever.

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