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Hiya, I’m Aeon/Ben! Feel free to ask about my ocs, art process, and myself! Really it can be whatever you want.

Nsfw questions are okay! 👍🏻

Edge of the Universe
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Anonbean asked 3 months ago

Ocs fav foods?

I’ll just do a few OCs because I’ve got /a lot/ of OCs (tho tbh some of these names will probs be somewhat unknown cause I don’t draw my other OCs besides Ivan often.) Also only listing one fav food but most have multiples!!

Ivan: Mussels Bianca

Jet: Reese’s Peanut Cups

Vance: Deer Jerky

Yuuto: Hōtō

Amir: He likes walnuts 🤷

Aeon: Mushroom udon

Celso: People. Just people

Dorian: His mom’s fish stew

Cassidy: Bourbon Glazed Salmon

Luis: Shrimp Cocktails

Solomon: he can’t taste anything and doesn’t need to eat :(

Samael: the souls of others— I mean, strawberry banana smoothies… yeah

Anonbean asked 5 days ago

What would you do if you woke up with some drawings in your face?

This isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, I’ve had a similar thing happen. I’d just… look at them probably? Tho I might be a little grumpy if I wasn’t ready to wake up

Anonbean asked 5 days ago

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

Anonbean asked 7 days ago

Some facts about Samael?

  1. Is the first Angel of Death, and because of that is the closest being amongst angels to being considered an expression/avatar of Death itself.

  2. She is completely devoid of real empathy for human life, demons, and honestly pretty much most other life forms beyond herself. (It is unknown if he was always like this or if it happened after he fell.)

  3. Goes by the name of the body she inhabits, which is Matteus Giordano. The real Matteus is long gone, having been eaten by Samael when they possessed him.

  4. His real identity as Samael is known by very, very few, and beyond those few most believe Samael to have perished [...]

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Anonbean asked 10 days ago

Are vampyrs vampires? what’s the difference ?

Vampyr is just a way vampire is in spelled in my main OU when referring to the species. VampIRE is a more modern spelling of the older name for their kind: Vampyr So both can be used for them in my OU, I just tend to use vampyr because I like how it looks lol.

You can read about vampyrs more on my toyhouse (they’re a bit different than how vampires are normally portrayed in pop culture and media): https://toyhou.se/~literature/75128.eternity-system/5.old-new-world-vampyr

Anonbean asked 10 days ago

What song are you listening to?

I have been listening to Inhale by Oliver Riot a lot (it reminds me of Yuuto)

And I have been listening to Bloodflow by Vaults a looooot (it reminds in both direct and metaphorical ways of me and my bestie’s main ship, Ivan and Drake, and the story of their main AU.)

Anonbean asked 2 months ago

What happened between Jet and Tiffany? Why did she try to kill him?

TL;DR: (content warning for substance abuse and mentions of murder/suicide)

Jet broke up with her because he found out she cheated on him with his best friend BEFORE they were messing around with potentially becoming polyamorous with his best friend. She lost Jet and also Bruce (Jet’s best friend) and her mental state deteriorated (she already had a lot of issues before hand) and started doing hard drugs more often, got involved with the wrong crowd (even more of a wrong crowd than drug dealers) and got her hands on a hell relic dagger. The dagger, although not evil, is both influenced by and will influence who own’s it’s [...]

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Anonbean asked about 1 month ago

What is Oblivion?

Oblivion is the common knowledge name given to a ‘place’ and type of existence in my main OU! It’s the ‘space in between spaces’, ‘the void’, and ‘nothing.’ Like the concept of negative space/energy in a way? It’s even negative energy to death, because Oblivion and to be ‘of Oblivion’ means you are neither alive or dead, neither existing or not existing. Oblivion just is. It will slowly consume the entirety of existence (what’s left of Eternity’s corpse basically) and in a way you can consider it a form of death and decay but even Death itself fears Oblivion. The current King of it has slowed it’s consumption of existence but [...]

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Anonbean asked 13 days ago

Fun fact about Ivan?

He has died many times! :D Lemme explain (there is an 🔞 fact given near the end): Ivan’s had many past lives that all died, whether naturally or unnaturally, and his current life (Ivan) has died but was revived when Metatron merged with him, and now he’s immortal but has a mortal body still- to a degree. He can feel pain, bleed, get sick, still needs sleep on occasion, etc, but he cannot die/be killed by most mortal and magical means. The things that could kill him are very rare and virtually unknown, and the beings that could kill him are few and far between too.

If brought to a point where the damage his body has sustained [...]

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Anonbean asked 3 months ago

How old are you?

Anonbean asked 24 days ago

Do you like the city where you live?

It is alright. The area I live in has become more dangerous in the past couple of years.

Anonbean asked 20 days ago

Something that always makes you laugh?

When he started telling me about snails and did not realize how passionate he sounded. I found the reaction to it being pointed out how passionate he sounded to be funny, and it usually makes me laugh just a bit to think about it.

Anonbean asked 24 days ago

Would you rather live in a flat or in a house?

A house. One with blue steps, for sentimental reasons, leading up to the door, so it would need to sit on a slight incline.

Everything else about how I would want a house to be is less strict, but I prefer older styles of homes and not the newer very minimalist and cookie cutter look that has become the norm. I also would not want a large home. Too much to clean.

Anonbean asked 20 days ago

Do you rp?

Yea but I’ve been around the rp community for years in many places and had some good and some really toxic experiences, so I don’t just rp with anyone lol

Here’s info on me concerning rp: https://toyhou.se/18766961.roleplay-information

Anonbean asked 20 days ago

Do anything fun lately?

I got my flu shot and Covid booster at the same time and had an allergic reaction to one or both of them, and also got really sick for like a day with flu-like symptoms :D

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