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what do you (or others) think are your toxic traits?

I keep everything for myself until I get hurt by it but keep doing the same thing. I ghost people a lot but then come back like nothing happened. I'm an observer and a listener, I barely express how I feel, I barely talk unless I'm comfortable with the other party.

i often forget that i exist.. i think there's a pattern of me being unresponsive from time to time and i usually think that i'm not important enough to actually give out explanations that aren't asked. tbh i'm thankful to those who understands this habit of mine. i swear i have no hard feelings towards anyone and am trying to lessen this issue, so any friends of mine pls do not hesitate to catch up with me personally whenever they feel like it! <3

Some people say I have a god complex, when others are concerned about my low self-esteem and insecurity (I have two sides). Another thing, my loved ones often tell me I can be really mean when I’m mad and being blunt about things I’m mad about. (Sorry)

I think my toxic traits is I sometimes overthink about things, padahal it’s just inside my mind?? is it a toxic traits.. i think yes for myself? Since it makes me fell down in sadness.

Apa ya... kadang suka on timeline tapi gak bales chat? Terus juga kadang suka ngilang karena jujur suka capek chat orang tuh... terus apa ya... bingung kalo pertanyaan kayak gini HAHAHAHAHA.

I personally couldn’t think of anything beside narcissism or egoistic side of mine {sometimes} though i highly think that rarely.

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