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Hijacking Merida’s Q: what do you find beautiful ?


Hijacking Merida’s Q: what do you find beautiful ?

Oh, I hm find many things beautiful. That is no easy taks to describe an abstract feature of that type without giving examples. But I dare say that I find beautiful all things that evoke a sensation of attraction, joy, love and longing in me.

Some girls, some songs, some paintings, some cut gems or even fake cut gems, some rocks and crystals, some of my friends' souls, some poems maybe although really "beautiful" isn't the first word I'd use.

slaps a heavy photo album filled only with photos of my cat down on the table

My mum , my dad, my grandad , my boyfriend. Sunsets/sunrises/ stars / some anime/some manga/ Nature/ The sea/oceon/most baby animals. Too much to name lol

sunsets at the beach and giant piles of nachos