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Is departing sometimes the best choice? Could you explain the answer please.

Of course departing is sometimes the best choice. Why wouldn't it be? If you're living in a sucky home (for example, toxic parents), or if you live in a sucky neighborhood (for example, lots of crime, or it's a poor neighborhood and you can somehow afford better, or it's rural or a small town and you want a big city, or vice versa, or the weather's not good, or you live among rednecks, or religious fanatics, or the laws in your area are backward, etc.), or a sucky state, or a sucky country, then there's probably a better place for you out there somewhere, and there's no reason you shouldn't move to a better place. I mean, there are reasons - like finance, being far away from your friends and family, having to change jobs, disadvantages of the place you're moving to, etc. - but if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, why not?