Merida asked about 2 months ago

When do you know that it's time to change your smartphone?


When do you know that it's time to change your smartphone?

When I see the old one floating down the river

After 5 years or so. Not always an elaborate background for things 😆

When they send the "kill switch" update that trashes your phone and makes it a brick. Then I have to buy a new one😆🙄

I used my previous phone for almost 8 years. It got slow and used to randomly restart itself. It also only supported up to 3G Internet connection. Because of these issues, I bought a new phone a couple of months ago.

When the phone company deliberately slows it down with “updates” and then forces you to buy practically the same phone for over a grand just to have normal function back ?

Whenever I notice a relevant loss of time due to its slowness. For example, my old phone took 1 minute longer to install an app compared to my current phone.

When it starts to have issues w frecuency or is lost/stolen.

When the battery stops working well / when the OS is so old that some apps you want won't work on it

When the battery gets sick and the software outdated and no updates any more.

when it only stays on for three hours and replaceable batteries are so 2010

When it freezes on the simplest of tasks regularly.