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Librarby Patron asked 10 months ago

What will your VN be about?

Librarby Patron asked 3 months ago

I want to go to a library but I am kind of scared... How do those places work?

Epsi asked 3 months ago · 21 answers

If the moon was made of cheese, what kind of cheese would it be made of?

Librarby Patron asked 3 months ago

What was the oldest book that you have read?

I don't... actually know!

Bible doesn't count... so, Beowulf, probably? I have a lot more reading to do!

Jacky asked 3 months ago · 12 answers

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AMoonRabbit asked 4 months ago · 14 answers

How do you make a sandwich the wrong way?

I grew up with so many plain cheese and meat sandwiches with no condiments or anything else nice that the pain is rooted into my memory... ;w ;

It's not even wrong wrong, just sad!

Epsi asked 4 months ago · 23 answers

If you could be any flavour of ice cream, what flavour would it be?

Puniko asked 4 months ago · 22 answers

do you like rain?

I'm not a fan of getting caught in it, but I love the sound it makes when I'm just relaxing near a window.

AMoonRabbit asked 4 months ago · 13 answers

What's your morning routine?

Wake up, shower, make my girlfriend and I breakfast, gacha game dailies, and then the rest of the day is ahead of me!

Or at least it would be, if I didn't wake up like 3-4PM and the day was already starting to wind down... ;w ;

Puniko asked 5 months ago · 20 answers

if you could take one game to a lonely island, which one would you take?

Probably Rabi-Ribi for the full "stuck on an island" experience!

Hopefully the island I'm on still has bunnies on it, though...

Librarby Patron asked 5 months ago

What do you think about public libraries?

One of my favorite places to be!

Easy to just find a quiet little table or room with some books that seem neat and just let everything else fall to the wayside for a while...

Epsi asked 6 months ago · 19 answers

What fun little forums/imageboard/communities outside of fedi/twitter/etc do you visit?

I love playing CYOAs, so any place I can find or talk about them with places is a place I'll love to visit. ;w ;

On Reddit there's r/makeyourchoice and r/nsfwcyoa. I haven't checked /tg/ yet but I know that's where it all started. If anyone knows anywhere else I'd love to hear!

Epsi asked 6 months ago · 22 answers

You are now a giant fire-breathing dragon.

What are you gonna do?

...cause trouble so that a cute heroine will walk into my cave that I can say hi to and ask out on a date... ;w ;

mana asked 7 months ago

what is your go-to snack treat? (cakes/cookies/crisps/whathaveyou)

Librarby Patron asked 7 months ago

What do you think about chihuahua dogs?

... brother had a chihuahua... barked and chased after me every time I visited... ;w ;

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