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Koneko Toujou asked 2 days ago · 11 answers

What's for dinner?

grillchen asked 7 days ago · 5 answers

how many circles do u do in ur bed before lying down and sleep?

grillchen asked 11 days ago · 4 answers

where do u see urself in 5 days?

grillchen asked 10 days ago · 4 answers

How old were you at your first time using a free operating system?

Some Lovely nux distro I can't remember the name

AMoonRabbit asked 10 days ago · 12 answers

Do you often get main protagonist certified moments?

Not that often. Life with an infant is more of the same but everything something new

grillchen asked 9 days ago · 3 answers

how often does your back crack if u just stretch yourself?

fristi asked 9 days ago · 12 answers

Hello, who is this?

fristi asked 8 days ago · 17 answers

You're at McDonald's, what do you order?

Puniko asked 8 days ago · 16 answers

how many bugs has johann had to fix because of you?

grillchen asked 8 days ago · 4 answers

how often do u cry?

grillchen asked 8 days ago · 4 answers

snuggles or cuddlez?

Koneko Toujou asked 12 days ago · 11 answers

Is it wiggle time?

grillchen asked 12 days ago · 5 answers

whats the question?

grillchen asked 13 days ago · 3 answers

which "lifestyles" would be a dealbreaker regarding dating someone?

like drugs consumption (smoking too), religion, diet, hobbies, disliking pets, etc.

Disliking animals/pets and driving (or want to drive) a big SUV

fristi asked 14 days ago · 12 answers

I'm looking for a cat, inhales a lot and likes cheese. He's been slamming my doors real hard all day. Anyone seen him? If you do please bonk him. Thanks.

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