Scott 馃嚭馃嚘

(Accredited) Early modern military historian and lead guitarist. That's it.

I know more riffs than your boyfriend.

Honourary Cossack

Scotland, United Kingdom
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Rock 'n' roll ain't worth the name if it don't make you fuck.


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Arman asked 7 months ago 路 8 answers

It's always a good day when ___ has a bad day!

Daniel asked 5 months ago 路 7 answers

Would you count poland to east europe or to central europe?

Stephen Broughton asked 15 days ago 路 5 answers

Your local university wants to honour you with a honorary doctorate! You get to be an insta-expert in any subject you like! What do you want to be a world-renowned expert in?

Teo asked 19 days ago

Hey girlypop, I need guitar gift/upgrade advice. Dad's been using an acoustic $100 guitar I bought him >10 yrs ago. I was wondering for Xmas if I should get his guitar re-strung with nicer(if such a thing exists) strings? Is it worth restringing a cheap guitar or should I get him a new one? Idk idk, I just know he really likes to play it and would like to get him some kind of upgrade for Xmas. Do you have any advice/insights? Thx scottie


I'd absolutely go for getting new strings, all guitars should be re-strung every few months for optimal quality. I think if the acoustic was only 100 dollars and you got it around 10 years ago it might be nice to get a new one though, there are some decently affordable guitars that are just slightly more expensive than that, depending on your budget

Arthur asked about 1 month ago 路 6 answers

Fighter jet crashes near an apartment complex during Thunder over Michigan airshow finale at Willow Run. The pilot and the passenger successfully ejected before the crash. Thoughts?

Daniel asked about 1 month ago 路 14 answers

Do you like it when the one who asks a question on retrospring already gives an answer to the question himself? Me: yes

parisx asked about 2 months ago 路 11 answers

Do you watch Spanish TV shows?

I've watched Cathedral of the Sea, that's the only TV series made in Spain I can remember watching

Arthur asked about 2 months ago 路 11 answers

So a paramilitary militia (not bandits, but former cops) decided to set fire to 35 buses and one train in the west zone of Rio (not where I live) after a police operation. Way more than bandits did and effectively stopping people's commute in a very populous area and during peak hours. Thoughts?

Paramilitaries are a crap shoot of being useful or irritating, looks like this one is the latter

Daniel asked about 2 months ago 路 13 answers

Is wikipedia a good source of knowledge?

Yes but you have to be critical and check the sources

You're also probably not going to get a deep understanding of a topic by just reading Wikipedia, there will be bits in books and articles that don't make it onto the wiki page

Daniel asked about 2 months ago 路 13 answers

Where is the best place to live in the USA?

Noncemaster General asked about 2 months ago

do you have a computer or laptop?

LaDamaX asked about 2 months ago 路 14 answers

What is the earliest vehicle that your remember your adults at home/parent (s) driving?

LaDamaX asked about 2 months ago 路 15 answers

I鈥檓 creating a playlist to remember YOU by, what song do I add and why?

AMoonRabbit asked about 2 months ago 路 14 answers

Are ya ready to have ye bones rattle'd, and ya boots spooked?

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