Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

Hiya Gio, given how Twitter's collapsing, are you also going to make a tumblr???

I have a very old tumblr that I stopped using the day Tumblr swung the axe and started deleting huge amounts of history without recourse. From twitter: Tumblr's unmoderated purge wiped out vast swaths of totally legitimate information and -- more importantly -- work that was done entirely within the rules as they existed. The issue wasn't just "should this be allowed", it was a complete violation of trust. I know they're under new management now, but unless they've taken very specific and concrete steps to prevent a change in management from doing something like that again, it feels like a "You don't get to do that, full stop" thing for me. I might start using it again someday but as of now I'm still very hesitant to.

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