Calista Jasmine.

assiduous to spread effulgence within my heart. ❀

Keukenhof, Amsterdam
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Bi. asked 4 days ago

Pinky. Lucu adikku.

Alessandre asked 4 days ago · 14 answers

Lagi apa semuanya.

Lovaca. asked 4 days ago · 5 answers

what song would you give to your lover?

Fallin all in you - Shawn mendes.. aku jawab walaupun belum ada lovernya hiks

Anonymous Coward asked 5 days ago


Astoria Rumi. asked 16 days ago

lucu bgt pink!

Maximilian Nathaniel asked 14 days ago

kak calista

୨ Angelic ୧ asked 4 months ago · 34 answers

How do you deal with anxiety?

Aku banyak ngajak ngobrol orang, walaupun gak ngeredain semuanya.. tapi dengan aku berinteraksi sama temen temenku, itu udah lebih dari cukup buat ngeredainnya.

berryl asked 4 months ago · 30 answers

if you become an idol, what emoji would you use?

Hanna asked 4 months ago · 32 answers

This is random question, but what's your favorite planet?

mahiu asked 4 months ago · 73 answers

{__/} · ·̩  。  ☆
( •ω•) ෆ 。*  ~ · 。
/つ🧁 a cupcake for youu!!

good luck for today 💗

Liv ! ʚɞ ִֶ asked 4 months ago · 14 answers

di sini banyak yang belum mutualan dengan aku di twitter, anyone want to be my friends on twitter?

Herdenn, Malik. asked 4 months ago · 14 answers

Your comfort food?

bella asked 4 months ago · 22 answers

What little thing that makes you feel grateful for being alive? ♡

fiorella. asked 4 months ago

hello! you have a pretty profile set.. by the way, mind to send me a followback, please?

LAURE. asked 4 months ago · 44 answers

It’s been a pleasure to have you here as my Retrospring friends! But, I realised that some of you are not my Twitter mutuals, so... wanna be my friends on Twitter, too? No pressure, I accept a ‘no’ too!

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