Kate Matsuda asked about 2 months ago

I'm sleepless now. How could you bring yourself to sleep?

Kate Matsuda

I'm sleepless now. How could you bring yourself to sleep?

Sometimes I like to put on videos or podcasts that I've seen/heard before - I can't deal with silence and having a voice I can focus on helps me drift off...or drugs, it always comes back to drugs

The only thing that's really effective for me is to masturbate, but I rarely do that because I rarely need to sleep when I'm not sleepy. I think that only works for guys, though, orgasming really takes a lot out of us. Otherwise, try telling your echo dot to play sleep music. Only works if you're subscribed to Amazon Music. Or you could listen to http://di.fm/chilloutdreams

This reminds me of the anesthesia gas (?) I inhaled before my surgery. The nurse told me to count to ten but I don't remember if I reached 10. It knocked me unconscious very quickly.

Sometimes I listen to sleep music I find on youtube

Watch the 10th kingdom. Super Long… if you don’t fall asleep at least you’ll be entertained.

I know people who watch massage asmr and it works well

Chamomile tea and some toast. Carbs make me sleepy.

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