Kate Matsuda asked about 2 months ago

Would you rather live in a city or in a rural area? Why?

Kate Matsuda

Would you rather live in a city or in a rural area? Why?

Rural, I guess. Memories of running around out in the country by myself as a kid during the summer. But I have to have a job now, so it wouldn't be like that anymore anyway.

Rural but I don't want to live anywhere too remote.

I'd rather live in a suburban area like I do now, city is a bit much, I don't like all the concrete, smog, traffic, etc. And the problem with rural is it's like an hour or two drive to get a whole lot of things that are five minutes away in suburbia. I like the convenience. And it's nice to be close to a hospital in case there's an emergency. If I had to choose between city and rural, I'm not sure, because I've never lived in either.

In a city. Though I think I prefer to live in a rural area when I get older. Living in a rural area is a more independent experience. You gotta know how to do/fix stuff. Also, you need to have some stuff like a car, tools, and whatnot to live a fairly comfortable life. Since I don't yet have these luxuries, I prefer to live in a city. Plus, living in a city gives you more opportunities to socialize and meet new people? I'm not sure but I feel it does.

I require a rural area since I process auditive information differently. So to speak, I need it more quiet.

city, because I need random access to quesadillas and we just aren't there yet getting those out to the sticks

I grew up in rural areas, but they were all close enough to the city for it to not be inconvenient. It was perfect.

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