Katie asked 3 months ago

If you were given a chance to peek into the future or be able to relive the past, which would you choose and why?


If you were given a chance to peek into the future or be able to relive the past, which would you choose and why?

Relive the past! Maybe because it will affect on who I am now or what I do now.

Future. You can’t change the past or future but if you can prepare yourself for the upcoming, wouldn’t it be better?

I.. don’t want to choose any of them, given the chance to execute it. The past is already a past, the future awaits to be unveiled. I simply don’t want to weigh my mind with ‘what ifs’. Whatever happens, let it happen. Surprise me.

I’d relive the past. I want to experience again pure happiness where I don’t have to worry about small things.

I will choose ‘relive the past’, so that my future can be better if I can fix my past.

Obviously none of the options look attractive to me, but if it’s a must then relive the past. I’ll kick whoever would harm me in the future, of course.

peek into the future, so I won't make a wrong decision, or wrong path.

I always bear in mind that whatever happened in my past, there was always a reason that could be something to I learn for the future life I have. That’s why I won’t choose to relive the past because I don’t want to. I let it be as what it should.

Relive the past. I would prefer the future to be a surprise whether it will be a good or bad one. Not gonna lie, I probably want to change one or two in the past if that is possible. 🎻

To peek into the future, since I think the past is in the past and I won't peek it or even change it.

I like to let the future be a surprise, so if I had to choose, I’d rather relive the past (but not to change anything, I’d just like to relive a few happy moments in mind).

Peek into the future. I wanna know whether will I be rich or not 😞

This has something to do with the book I read not long ago, scientifically said it's impossible but if I can snatch the chance I'd just relive the past, not that I regret what i've done, I just want to spend more of my times with someone who has been long gone, even if it'd take my whole life I'd risk it all.

I choose to peek into the future. Past is just a past, I let them go.

I would prefer to relive my past? I’m fully much aware that I can't fix what has been broken in the past, but I would rather go back to the past where I can learn a lesson than having to guess what will happen to me, what the future holds for me. How about you, mom?

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