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If you had to, how would you fake your own death?


If you had to, how would you fake your own death?

Go hiking, leave some bloodied clothes somewhere on the trail, change into a disguise and hike down and disappear 🫠

Just seal myself up in a box for 18 years that I wrote, "do not open, I'm dead and it's gross" on the outside of with a Sharpie. That seems pretty fool-proof.

Make everyone believe I went to North Sentinel Island

That is too complex to do in an effective way. This country has an effective administration that tracks all citizens until death and beyond. It is even more tight in The Netherlands and Germany.

Write down a very detailed note saying why I decided to die while I travel to somewhere other than my state.

A little setup first - start discreetly moving money around and into accounts that can stay secret, then buy a burner phone and text myself 'threats' or something, then I'd do the full CSI treatment - a little blood spatter on the bedroom wall, ransack the living room, etc. and then my mistress can meet me in Montserrat

Lol I'm glad my warped mind inspired a question πŸ˜… 😜.. How I would do it brings out the artist in me. Boat explosion.. I would rent a boat. Take it far enough off shore preferably off the florida coast.. as not to be seen. Call my mom when I know she won't pick up the phone. On the boat leave her a pre recorded message connected to a timer, so when it hits midway through the message.. BOOM, the boat explodes. I already have dived to the bottom where I've stashed scuba diving equipment... I swim to a fishing boat where I've bribed the fisherman to smuggle me into Cuba.. Houses are dirt cheap there. I grow a goatee and fashion an [...]

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