When you have lost trust in someone, what must they do to regain that trust?


When you have lost trust in someone, what must they do to regain that trust?

To change, but they never do. Most people are all talk

A sincere apology and changed behavior. But that's a lot

They'd have to change. And I'd have to be aware of it somehow. People don't usually change. And, when they do, it can be subtle.

The poison of doubt accelerates mistrust and as such the counter measures need to come fast and effectively. A real very open talk should be imminent with much honesty especially about the doubtful events that lead us there.

If I see they're changing or their will to change is consistent. But before that, I gotta separate experiences I've had with each person and trust them based on their merits and who they are. When the negatives start manifesting in other relationships that's probably a sign it's not healthy at all and by that point it's no longer about one person but on how I'm affected by it, funnelling through every other relationship I have.

So really, I trust people too much and not enough. I believe in people and their experiences and that they have a right to express the way they view things through their view, if someone can't express themsel


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That's a tough one for me. I have a hard time trusting anyone completely. If they somehow lose that trust. I don't think they can get it back.

Never, I mean we can hang or whatever but it will never be the same

I personally don't think you can regain trust.

Act sincerely and wait some time. If that someone apologises a lot, it will be harder to rebuild my trust in them.

It's really hard to regain trust in someone once you lost it. I'd say there's no a specific thing they must do. If only it was that simple. It will take time to rebuild it because I need to see based on their actions if I can trust them again