LaDamaX asked 3 months ago

Let’s try this again… What is your attachment style? Agree or disagree?


Let’s try this again… What is your attachment style? Agree or disagree?

88% anxious, 25% avoidant, 50% secure

I don't know how accurate it is because I've never been in a relationship and had to guess how I'd be when answering.

Anxious 25%, Avoidant 38%, Secure 100%... is this good...?

38% Anxious, 100% Avoidant, 38% Secure...and besides the "wants to be in a relationship" part the description is otherwise correct. :P That said, I have a lot of issues with the questionnaire's wording and either/or approach, and I'm always wary of pop psychology that frames typing as a matter of "too hot, too cold, just right." People are not porridge.

My attachment style is said to be "secure". Which is about half-right. The questions are a bit ... hm ... coming in interesting cultural shapes. Many of them look like basically only applicable within the US culture. Which I find to be problematic as it more determines the answers than the attachment style here or there.

Anxious 63% Avoidant 50% Secure 63%

I disagree.

63% anxious, 63% avoidant, and 75% secure. tHaT's tWo hUnDy N oNe PeRcEnT !

I feel less secure than that, but who knows.

88% anxious 38% avoidant 75% secure

This thing makes me seem way more anxious than I am, though it is true that everybody hates me and I will never find love again 🤡

Secure. In reality, I think I would be a lot less empathic/emotional than what it suggests.