LaDamaX asked 2 months ago

What do you enjoy doing on rainy days?


What do you enjoy doing on rainy days?

I like to smell it and feel the rain on my face, especially when I feel sick.

being at home, on my bed listening to the rain

Letting the rain soak through my PAPER THIN white shirt, and becoming so distressed by the scandal of it that I take off in a flailing run, slip in the mud, land with my legs spread far apart, break every bone in my body, puncture a vital organ, and exclaim as I die, "Oh, shoot!"

Playing board games (Rummicub is my current fave) in our living room while enjoying the view. The room has wall to ceiling windows facing our backyard and the view on gloomy rainy days is pretty nice.

sing in my head or aloud depending on who's around

Walking and getting wet until I win a bet.

Listening to the rain and falling asleep to it

I like to be inside, warm, w/ not much to do

Beautiful day for sleeping. The tap, tap on the windows are very relaxing 😌

Staying in bed, going out in the rain when not too cold and windy, reading on my sofa. Cuddling.

Not get wet. That’s about it. I’ve seen enough rainy days to last me a lifetime.

Get annoyed that I can't leave the house, even though I never do anyway. I JUST LIKE HAVING THE OPTION

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