LaDamaX asked about 2 months ago

Are you you more OR less confident irl as you are here on Retrospring?


Are you you more OR less confident irl as you are here on Retrospring?

I'm more confident IRL because I have no choice. I don't have as much control over how much I participate. Once I'm in public it's all just Well I Guess We're Doing This.

I don't know what my perceived confidence level is on here but I feel that i'm about an 8/10 irl

What you read/see here is pretty much what I’m like in real life - good or bad. I’ve definitely gotten more confident as I’ve grown older though.

I have off days but I'm generally less chatty in person.

Never had "confidence". Does it taste good? I'll order it next time I go to a restaurant.

But seriously, when I write I can better organize my thoughts and express them more easily. IRL I usually have problems conveying my thoughts, especially in English. I took an English conversation class this quarter to put myself in a situation where I must speak. I think if I come out of my bubble and try to communicate with others, the problem with confidence will be gradually resolved. At least I hope it will.

I'm more articulate on here but that's the only difference

I turn into a giant ball of stress whenever the cashier at the supermarket asks me anything. (Mostly because my German sucks.)

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