LaDamaX asked 3 months ago · 10 answers

Have you ever confronted a friend over something that they did or were doing that you found morally reprehensible (cheating, stealing, etc or other asshole-like behavior)? Have you ever been confronted be a friend for similar behaviors?

Yep - I am one of those friends that can provide tough love. I've had to give love to someone being a side chick and a friend who was cheating on another friend of mine - main thing is normally when someone isn't being themselves. I try to do this sympathetically.

I've cut out a lot of people for doing greasy things and don't have any qualms about telling them

I don't think I've ever been confronted by a friend, most of my friends and I are on a lot of the same page regarding morals

It's not like it was an intervention, just maybe a sentence or two and then I went back to minding my own business...I haven't much been confronted, but I have a friend who wants me married with 37 children and critiquing my 'lifestyle' is a common thread, not that it's really asshole like, it's just not what she wants for me - never mind what I want for myself I guess

I feel like I have, but I don't remember who or what.
Not sure if I've ever been confronted myself, I think probably not, I'm very ethical.

I confronted a friend bullying others. I went so far i made em regret it.

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