Angel asked 4 months ago

How do you deal with sadness?


How do you deal with sadness?

I don't have any way to deal with sadness, I just accept the feeling and try to find a distraction or take some time for self-care.

First, it’s important to acknowledge and accept your feelings rather than suppressing them. Allow yourself to grieve and process the emotions. Reach out for support from loved ones or consider seeking professional help if needed. Engaging in self-care activities such as exercise, hobbies, or mindfulness can also provide some relief.

Cope myself most of the time with books while listening to 1x1. All the time.

Dijalanin aja karena hidup kadang di atas kadang di Depok.

Tidur. Rasanya energiku jadi habis kalau lagi sedih. T___T Atau makan makanan kesukaanku.

How deal with my sadness, biasanya sih sleep and let everything out. Maksudnya, mau nangis ya nangis mau teriak teriak ya teriak mau tidur ya tidur. Semua perasaan sedih itu valid. Tapi jangan berlarut larut sedihnya sampe berbulan bulan gitu. Sedih secukupnya.

Biasanya aku nonton Tiktok aja sih soalnya yang kocak-kocak biasanya lewat.

Hello, Angel! ୨୧ I know everyone has their own ways to ease sadnesses but as for me, I’m the person who gets easily distracted, so I’ll just spend a whole day doing something I love! Or I could just reach out for helps to get distracted. I do hope you get away from any griefs & sorrows🔮

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