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tea time Q&A 馃尡馃

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veiled guest asked over 1 year ago

hello! i love your art, :^)! are you moving your original character work to another account, and if so, are you going to post the @ so people can follow?

hello! first off, thank you kindly..! I am posting original works to another twitter account, currently in the set up! Still deciding whether I'll post it publicly, since I just wanted some peace and quiet for that account without having to make it private... If people asks for it voluntarily, I'll let them know. Going to use it to follow my mutuals who also work with original content, too, so they might know first ^^;; Thank you kindly for your interest!

tea asked over 1 year ago

i love your art and characters so much... where do you get inspo to write about them and come up with new ocs :0 ?

Tea... 馃槶!! I adore your art style and writings as well! I get my silly ideas from a few sources... the ones that are the most fun to write/develop are ones from dreams and random methods (with small modifications...!)

veiled guest asked over 1 year ago

What inspired you to start drawing? and do you like to animate? :0
I love your art sm ;; <3

Gahhh.. thank you so much..! ; ; I don't know if there was a particular inspiration that set me off... but I've always liked anthropomorphized animals, drawing them fuels me...
I can't really animate myself and I think highly of people who can...! I've only done 4 simple animations, one is for ArtFight and all the rest are fan arts :0

VY asked over 1 year ago

DI !!! how does it feel to be so good at codes AND art !!!?!!! 馃馃槶馃挅馃挄馃挅

I should be asking YOU that question 馃槶馃挅
(one thing though... being able to make funky layouts for our own characters is pretty rad, hoho 鉁)

veiled guest asked over 1 year ago

Your spooky, creepy aus are some of my fave 馃挄

Wonderful.. because there's more where that came from (unfortunately) ( 锛浡葱旓絸) thank you!

veiled guest asked over 1 year ago

I love seeing how fluffy cat todoroki and bunny izuku are together. it just melts my heart and I felt like you should know <3

I'm just someone who is bad at drawing humans... and capable of drawing cute anthropomorphic animals.. but I'm very honored if people can like it too! ;v;` Thank you!

veiled guest asked over 1 year ago

Just wanted to say that your bnha drawing ARE SO DAMN CUTE THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Again, I can't do cool or pretty, so I'll make it cute (or... weird, I wonder if you've stayed with me that long, ahaha...) as possible ( 麓鈻斤絸) Thank you!

veiled guest asked over 1 year ago

What is your favourite type of tea?

Black tea all the way...! Of those, my favorites are from the Wuyi rock tea family... It's mostly the taste of home ; ;

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