25 | He/Him | Demisexual + Big Gay Nerd

An emotional, sensitive individual utterly enamored with the fictitious. Loves exploring all manner of fantastic worlds and their intricate details.

Lost In Thought & Needs A Light
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Chloe asked 11 months ago

I know you're a big fan of space games, but I wanted to ask... what's your favourite game that doesn't involve any sort of sci-fi elements? could be set in the real world, or just in a fantasy setting!

Oh, damn, this is actually a really tough question.

... I guess I'd say Monster Hunter. Pokemon comes close, but I'd consider it to still have some "space"/"sci-fi" elements, though obviously that's not the main focus of the game. But MonHun doesn't involve any concept of space or elaborate technology, being in a sort of curious mix of high fantasy but providing incredible details for everything included in it. The most advanced machine I've really seen outside of some of the flashier weapon designs in MH is a steam engine.

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

Do you have a favourite kind of dog? I know you like cats, but I’m curious on your thoughts on dogs, if that’s ok?

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

If you want to get more physically fit, have you considered just getting into a sport or joining a gym?

Because I am terrified of other people and public spaces and would rather be hidden away in the comfort of a space I find familiar. Also because my anxiety would strangle me alive. I mean, a public space where people see me trying to improve myself? I just couldn't handle it!! I really couldn't!!

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

If it helps at all, I think walks are a good way to start getting into shape! There should be plenty of things online for how to do stretches, and if you express interest, I think I have some course files from a PE class that could help; I’d be glad to send them over; best of luck 🫂

I should go on more walks, this is very true. However, there's sadly not a lot of places that are nice to walk around out here. Most cities around here are structured for motorists instead of pedestrians, and the only "park" here is across the street and is only about 10x10 feet across.

There is a park in the city I do want to visit sometime, though. Apparently it's quite big!

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

What's some of your favorite styles/aesthetics?

... Okay, I'd love to answer this, but this is SUCH a huge, open-ended question, that even as a text-dump aficionado... I simply cannot summarize my answer. There's so many angles, we'd need a full documentary series just to scratch the surface of the tip of this iceberg.

There's so many different aesthetics I find cool for different things, and they don't always line up! There's contextual differences to the point where I mentally sort these preferences by color...

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

Do you like rice? How do you like it, if you do?

Rice! For when you're not that hungry, but still want to eat 1,000 of something.

... I don't really like it, sadly. When it comes to civilization-staple crops, wheat is more my kind of thing. I never could quite get into even the stuff you can turn rice into - like Mochi! Mochi is one of the cutest foods out there, but it's... the texture and taste just doesn't agree with me. I've even had it cooked and fried, and it doesn't really seem any different to me, either. Rice just isn't for me, I guess.

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

Do you have a favourite kind of chocolate? If not chocolate, do you like any sweets?

... Milk chocolate! Because I am boring. Dark chocolate is way too bitter, and I never liked ruining the soft, yummy texture of a nice chocolate by adding nuts or things like that. But yes, you can easily lure me in with yummy milk chocolate! ... It's also one of the few sweets I like.

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

Not a question, but I love this theme!

Thank you! I think the color balancing needs a little bit of work, but fiddling with precise values is always a chore. Feedback is always appreciated if something should be lighter or darker to make it easy on the eyes.

Chloe asked 12 months ago

If you had a country, what would the flag look like?

... I am not the kind of person who wants or needs an entire landmass + people + infrastructure under his domain, despite his frequent fantasies of supervilliandom. Still, I guess if I had to have a flag for just "Librus"... hmm, probably just my infamous blue triangle on a white background? Maybe accented by small, extra triangles here and there, too - though that may violate the rules of proper flag design.

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

If you could speak any language, what would it be?

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

Have you ever read the TF2 comics?

Oooooh, I have! I have indeed, and I quite liked them - even if TF2 doesn't quite line up perfectly with my own sense of humor. The characterization of all the classes is fantastic - and I've always wished the game itself would sort of elaborate on that in a passive way. As questionable as Overwatch is, I always liked how in the game setup phase, characters would sometimes talk to each other. Wish the TF2 gang would sometimes do that. But it's a much older game with less support - so, oh well.

Chloe asked 12 months ago

Hello! Since I set up a retrospring as well, I thought I'd ask - how are you doing today?

(and just in case you don't see this for a while, I hope you're doing well both at the time you're reading this and when i sent the message in the middle of June 2022 ><)

... I'm doing better. Not great, but better! Trying to focus on things outside of stuff that regularly stresses me out, and these inboxes help quite a bit. :D

Shy Soul asked 12 months ago

Do you have any alternate colours you’re partial to?

Aside from the classic Librus Cyan? Hmm! I guess I'd have to say I like any and all colors when used in a good, thematic role. A monochromatic palette accompanied by colored accents can really add a sort of "vibe" to something, don't you think?

Aside from that, I quite like monochromatic hues. Oooh - and you can't ever go wrong with a little bit of a nice, golden trim on something.

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