Shy Soul asked over 1 year ago

If you could speak any language, what would it be?

... As much as I'd like to stack my proficiency in the English language so I could know how to say things as elaborately and eloquently as possible, I'll actually give an answer closer to what I assume you were asking.

... Hmm, I'd say... well, it's a typical answer, but probably Japanese? There's a lot of Japanese artists I know, and I'd love to talk to them more clearly and compliment their work in more detail, rather than leaving responses they may not be able to read or interpret. Plus, a lot of my friends always talk about taking a trip there - and I would to, especially to see the nice parks and gardens. But I'm really bad at learning languages, and I feel bad visiting a foreign country and not knowing at least a little of the language there. It always feels... selfish, to me, to only know English when travelling abroad.

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