Shy Soul asked over 1 year ago

Do you have a favourite kind of dog? I know you like cats, but I’m curious on your thoughts on dogs, if that’s ok?

I love dogs! I honestly love all kinds of animals, though cats tend to be the sort I'm most familiar with.

Anyone who has had the rare treat of visiting a park with me will know I tend to rapidly gravitate towards people's dogs, because they're ALL SO CUTE. They're constantly exited about everything, super friendly (usually), and every one has a unique texture of fur that's always nice to pet. Plus, some get REALLY HAPPY when you just... look at them? They do their little tappy taps and wag their tails, and they're just thrilled to bits over the tiniest little thing.

I don't have a favorite breed, though - and I don't think I could ever own a dog myself, not being able to provide the dog with all the energy and attention it'd need. Hence my cat preference - cats tend to sleep a lot of the time in warm places, and so do I.

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