Mage Coward asked 3 months ago

Thanks anyways. I have already found a loophole for making the radio station, anyway. Can you explain how you to restore any of the remains of the event plazas from the Satellawalker roms? Can you also tell me how to make event plazas? Kiddo's account got hacked, and I can't watch his videos on how to do that. Can you also send us download links to show any of the restored event plaza files?

Kiddo's YT is not hacked anymore. Basically when I restored SimCity Event Plaza I took the tiles from SatellaWalker, then compared with videos and tried to reticulous restore exactly how it was, changed the color brightness, and then I import them using the menus in SatellaWave and SuperFamiconv which is required. I think everything works pretty well on instinct, some people who had no idea how things work still managed to figure it out pretty well on their own.

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