Fremder asked 7 months ago

PREVIOUS ANON BACK HERE AGAIN,, heheh the song is called besame mucho specifically this video and timestamp 1:55-2:46,, ANTONIO BANDERAS HAS SUCH A HEAVENLY VOICE WOWOW and when it comes to deathpuss, puss would most definitely use his singing voice to his advantage and would probably try woo death with it 🀭 and death would get all embarrassed but he would most definitely secretly love it!! besame mucho is one of my FAVOURITE love songs ever so discovering this cover has awakened many things in me…

I agree his voice is just heavenly iT'S SO NICEE
and yES OMG!!! death is also just the type to get growly embarrassed ready to slap him away at any point but he's also REAAALLY loving the positive and flirty attention he gets and he can't stop himself from just... sitting there and at some point he just really enjoys it, hehe YESSS ABSOLUTELY, so good so cuute πŸ™πŸ™

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