Newbie Inspector asked 13 days ago

whats the story behind each of your pets?

If we go by all through time:
*Killer (so sweet in danish) was a dog my mom had, spending a whole 20 dkkr because my grandma said “you have to give something” as she was getting him for free!
*Cita was adopted in fall 2010, being the only girl in two clutters, and of all pets she’s been the most expensive (500 dkkr)
*Sofus was a rehome situation in December 2011, as his previous owners had to move and didn’t know if he was allowed 🩷
*Pjevs was abandoned by his mom at the airbase where my dad worked in august 2012! After 24 hours, he brought him to a vet to check he was okay, and home he came ❤️
*luna was also a rehome situation as a friend of mine were moving overseas 💙 I’m not sure when, but thankful to have her!
There you go 💖 each means a lot to me, and i still work over my grief for sofus

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