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Anonymous Sweetie asked about 1 month ago

hypothetical scenario: you're visiting a friend and they want to cook you breakfast tomorrow. what do you ask for?

in the truest version of this hypothetical, i basically ask what my options are/what they have to make, and then possibly state if i can't eat something (like, if they were gonna make me something with veggies, i have a whole autism sensory thing around some vegetables). you can't go wrong with like, hash browns n eggs though tbh

Anonymous Sweetie asked about 2 months ago


Anonymous Sweetie asked about 2 months ago


Anonymous Sweetie asked about 2 months ago

The Seattle Mariners clearly have strong pitching depth, particularly in the bullpen. However-Julio and Kelenic aside-their hitting has been lackluster, continuing from last year's issues. It's still early in the season so we only have a small sample size, but do you think their offence will improve-be it through trades, DFAs, or just player improvement-or will this keep the Ms out of the postseason.

Also, isn't Kiriu cool I bet he'd let me pick out the music while we hang out :)

you are the least anonymous asker i've ever seen

kiryu would defs let you pick the music tho yr so right

packbat asked about 2 months ago

leafs, like on plampts (y/y)?

Anonymous Sweetie asked about 2 months ago

how gay r u

Anonymous Sweetie asked 3 months ago

psst the throne link on your website is broken with an extra "https//"

Anonymous Sweetie asked 4 months ago

why are you so short

on that “stop being a cool people” juice. your supply is literally empty

yeah i gotta get my uncoolness-blocker dosages adjusted, it might be dangerous to keep this up

packbat asked 4 months ago

any favorite fun spellings/pronunciations of common words (e.g. birb, plampt)?

oh i love these always! my favorite, though, hmmm. really big on birb, but also our fiancé(e) says "eggb" (pronounced egg-buh) a lot and that one sticks with us <3

Anonymous Sweetie asked 4 months ago

If y'all had to cook a meal for everyone in Extremely OK Games, what menu would y'all submit for their consideration?

Oh jeez. This is daunting!

We'd obviously offer a vegan strawberry pie for dessert. Honestly though, if I had to cook a meal for a game dev team, I think it'd have to only be pizzas on offer, just for my own sake.

Anonymous Sweetie asked 4 months ago

Everyone knows you're a fey monarch, but what kind? Seelie or unseelie? What's your animal symbol?

To the first, I say "fuck around and find out". As for animals, it's spiders and wasps.

Anonymous Sweetie asked 5 months ago

Aww, I've gone from Anonymous Coward to Anonymous Sweetie. So I'll just ask this, could I request a hug?

packbat asked 5 months ago

do y'all do any origami?

no, but it would only take 1 infodumping autistic in-person with me to show me examples, for me to get into it

packbat asked 6 months ago

which mythological creatures would be the best fediverse instance moderators?

I feel like the best would be a chimera, hydra, or like, a cerberus-like dog. Importantly, a kind of mythological creature who's got multiple heads and can deliberate on the drama.

Basically, I'm just stating that systems make the best moderators, but...

packbat asked 8 months ago

what is y'all's perfect bread? soft or chewy? crusty or no? whole wheat or white?

ohhh good good question. it depends on the purpose. i can never deny a good like, standard ass baguette for having like, a really nice toasted sandwich or as garlic bread with a pasta meal. but like, my standard "i'm just grabbing a sandwich from a pre-sliced loaf" is whatever whole wheat is cheap bc i'm not extremely picky but i like a little extra stuff to it. crusts are good as fuck

also, bagels are literally the perfect bread product

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