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Have you ever had someone you admire where every time they are around you feel so happy, when you see them wither you have the urge to support them maybe even anonymously. But on the other hand you are just comfortable with it, without going further to own it.

I have. I kept that feeling for long just for myself, until she found her own happiness to be with someone else. I just didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and I’m glad I never tell her how exactly my feeling was for her. I guess moving on is the only way for me to deal with the sadness and jealousy back then, and I did it. We both are still good friends until now and I’m happy because I finally found the one who I love the most.

I have, toward all of my mutuals. I thought they're so attractive and i wanna be them or just wanna be around them 'cause they have positive energy that make me feel comfy and happy. Yeah like platonic? loving someone and feeling happy when that person is around, but having no romantic/sexual attraction.

Of course, I have. Sometimes seeing him from a distance is more than enough, seeing he happy is more than enough. To be supportive and to send him prayers in secret (may he always be there to be given strength). But now I can become the person he always needs, the one he's always looking for. I felt grateful that I could finally be with him in his fall, ups and down.

Not really, when i admire someone, i really want them to know how i feel, and owning them (if they're single). Different case if someone i admire is having a lover, yea.

I guess every single person experienced this once in a lifetime so yes, I had once.

Honestly, after my last situationship, it has made me feel this way every time I develop feelings for someone because I'm afraid it will end up like the last situationship. So, I'm content with just seeing them happy, and it also brings me happiness. I have no desire to have a relationship with them.

i'll always be that kind of type, admiring someone from afar without having any guts to tell. it's way better than telling straight to the person idk why its scares me 💀

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