inhahe asked over 2 years ago · 8 answers

What's the most inappropriate thing you've ever done (not necessarily the same as the worst thing you've ever done)?

I was a very angry teenager that actively tried to provoke people and drive them away from me. I have a list of things.

Ranking higher up is this anecdote: one day I was strolling into arts and crafts class, five minutes late as usual, with a coffee in my hand. I walked thru the whole room up to the teacher’s desk, where my place was, sat done and said nothing. The teacher was completely silent (as the rest of class) and glared at me every casual step I took. After I sat done she simply stated ‚You are late.‘ I, not looking at her, took a sip of my beverage and, thinking it was my turn to state the obvious, responded ‚Your blouse is ugly.‘
She was shocked and frantically started teaching, slightly confused.

About 15 years later I am very sorry. I must have ruined her week. Wouldn’t blame her if she cried a bit later that day.

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