Now after knowing more about me, shall we get closer?

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Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

klo punya pet tapi namanya dari makanan, dikasih nama apa?

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

if you could teleport to your favorite anime, film, Kdrama or series, what would you choose? 🎬

Hmm, this is because I rarely watch movies that I often forget about them too. But maybe K2? I remember how I was really head over heels for Ji Chang Wook back then.

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

are you interested with submissive?

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

ruby kalo dijahatin orang asing marah atau ga peduli?

Tergantung dijahatin kayak gimana, tapi kayaknya kalo orang asing juga aku nggak peduli, sih.

Alarsa. · 2mo

Hai Ruby. Udah liat teaser terbaru para perempuanku itu belum? 1st Album😇

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Hard question because I still can't decide between time machine or door to anywhere. Is there no two in one package?

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

happy sundayy! semoga hari ini banyak seneng nya

Thank you, sender. Sayangnya hari ini belum ada yang bikin seneng, huft. But have a lovely Sunday!

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

how do you deal with boredom?

Usually I will just scroll through my timeline, look for people I can talk with, or just simply dive into my hobbies.

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

ruby have a lovely day!!!

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

good night, sleep well ruby

Thank you, walaupun kayaknya aku nggak bakalan tidur. But have a nice sleep yourself too.

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo


Sei. · 10 answers · 2mo

helloo, sorry for the sudden follow! t____t i sent a menfess thru ssefnum yesterday and i happen to find your ratro from another ssefnum menfess—thus, may i have a followback? thank you! <3

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

kalo aku jemin km mau ga

Mysterious Mate. · 2mo

ruby ap suka maroon

Warna maroon? Suka kok, tapi in terms of color memang black and white yang teratas, sama biru.

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