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Puniko asked about 4 hours ago · 4 answers

Whats your favorite place to chill out?

Kate Matsuda asked about 4 hours ago · 3 answers

You know that when things heat up they expand. So when you think you are fat it truely means you are hot!

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 3 answers

Netflix has introduced an anti-account sharing method where once a month, users need to sign in using their original WiFi or their account will be locked. But what happens if you sign up at home, then go off to college or on vacation or something?

Aaron asked about 7 hours ago · 3 answers

What’s one word in your native language (or maybe just generally) that you absolutely can’t tolerate people mispronouncing?

Nothing like that bothers me. I can't pronounce most words tbh.

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 1 answer

Something people don’t realize about technology is that much of todays tech was actually developed decades ago. They could have hypothetically had iPhones and laptops in the 1960’s, but that’s just not how it works. Corporations have to study the timelines that make sense to release their products. A market has to materialize. What do you think of this?

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 1 answer

What’s the worst bout with anxiety that you have ever had, and how do you keep yourself thinking rational now?

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 2 answers

What’s one hobby you just don’t understand? Btw the answer is rock climbing and sky diving FUCK those

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 4 answers

What do you think is the best time of your life? I think your 30’s are the best because you’re still young enough to do all the physical stuff, but old enough to be financially stable and possibly have a career and/or family. It’s really the only timespan you get that sweet spot. 20’s you’re active but immature, and 40’s you’re really declining physically

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 3 answers

In your opinion, what movie or TV show is in desperate need of new episodes or a new season?

The 100. It was suppose to get a prequel and it's never happend :(

Aaron asked about 8 hours ago · 3 answers

Have you ever worked with children? How did it go, and in what ways did it test or push you?

Aaron asked about 9 hours ago · 2 answers

Unlike English, many languages have gender-specific spellings of words. How do or how will these language navigate trans people or non-binary people in the future?

BidenLadysMan asked about 12 hours ago · 2 answers

How old do you think you are in your mind? In 3 weeks I turn 35. My dad died at 38 yrs old.. shit😆 when he was dying I thought he was so old. Now that I've arrived nearly. I realized its not that old at all..🤔


I asked my dad the same question he is in his 50s and he says he still feel like his 21. 😆

LaDamaX asked about 15 hours ago · 5 answers

Is our society too self involved? Explain.

Dee asked about 16 hours ago · 3 answers

Do you think Cloudflare will ever stop needing to check the security of my connection?

cLOUD asked about 16 hours ago · 7 answers

Are you going through something stressful right now ?

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