Shannon asked 5 months ago

What's your favourite type of alcohol?


What's your favourite type of alcohol?

I mostly only drink socially. I don’t really care for the taste, really, but if I had to pick, any beverage w vodka is fine. It’s easy to mask the flavor. If I drink anything w tequila I’ll keep burping up the taste until the next day.

Hoopers Alcoholic Dandelion and Burdock... nectar of the gods.

Tequila shots. My Spanish side needs it sometimes😃

Cocktails or vodka mixed with a soft drink. My days of 2lts and buckfast are over

Not sure, there's a lot that are good. The three I have in the fridge are Kahlua, Mr Stacks cinnamon schnapps, and Ole Smokey apple pie moonshine.

IDC just get me drunk I don't want to feel anything 😭😭😭😭