Shannon asked 4 months ago

Did you go to prom?


Did you go to prom?

No, but I've read a book by Brom, and that rhymes.

Here we don't have prom. Absolutely HARAM!

No I played football so I got invited to the party the rich/cool kids threw on prom night because there was schism about prom plans and the DJ and all

We called it "formal" here and yes

I got extremely drunk, asked for a dance with the girl I fancied all year and walked home in the pouring rain 30 minutes before the event ended because I ended up getting bored with the whole thing

No🥺... we got drunk in the parking lot and weren't allowed in🙂

I did, I arrived in an ice cream truck.

I left school in early 90's Britain, not America.

No. I was way too shy to ask anyone to go with me.