Shannon asked 4 months ago

Have you ever been banned from anywhere?


Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

Facebook groups, Twitter and Gab. I was in Discord groups that got banned. I think I was in a Riot(now Element) group that got banned.

Club Penguin, Facebook and the shopping centre

Twitter. I had no idea why. I contacted Twitter and was able to regain access to my account.

Public library… for making out πŸ˜‚

Yes, three times I think. IRC channels. I wasn't rude or anything, ops just didn't like me. Actually, make that four times.

Brasil. For sleeping with a milf that turned out to be the first lady...... she was a whore.

Twitter. Then again, being there requires being retarded

Been banned from a comic website chat for asking questions and being accused of wanting to tell the artists how to draw. Felt as if I fell from nowhere into a dungeon of agressive cult worshippers who instantly were after me.